Characters from The Story Of Leah ThomasEdit

  • Leah Rachel Thomas: The heroine of our story, has recently lost her sister to lukemia. She goes to Hogwarts and finds comfort in her " Love you like a sister" best friend, Liberty Chang. She positively hates Magnolia Cresent and Allen Calloway in that " cut your head off with a toothbrush" kind of way. She has a major crush on Lysander Scamander. She will eventually marry him and have two children- Ada and Declan.
  • Liberty Grace Chang: (aka Lib) is the best friend of Leah Thomas and a Chaser for the Ravenclaw Qudditch team. She is known to look like her mother, Cho. She will eventually marry Lorcan Scamander, making her the sister in law of Leah and the mother of Rolf and Luna Scamander II.
  • Magnolia Cresent: The so called girlfriend of Allen Calloway, this strawberry blonde is very mean. Brat.
  • Allen Calloway: The boyfriend of Magnolia, Allen is in love with Leah but dating Magnolia.
  • Declan and Ada Scamander- The children of Lysander and Leah Scamander. Only Ada has inherited her mother's vampire ancestry.
  • Rolf and Luna Scamander II- The children of Lorcan and Liberty Scamander. They are named after their grandparents. Rolf inherited his mother's vampire condition,passed on to her through his aunt,Leah. They are the cousins of Declan and Ada Scamander.
  • Devyn Wright- A surfer girl from America. Sent to Britain for Hogwarts (There's no wizarding school in America).