From The Story of Leah Thomas Wiki< User blog:Scarletmoon579 Allen tried to talk to me again. " Ada, why won't you talk to me? I know Leah is dead, but still, we knew each other since the fourth grade!" he said.

Whoa. Did he actually say that?

" I'm not Ada, I'm Leah. Ada's dead." I told him. He was affected deeply by this, I could tell. His eyes started to tear up and tears started to slide down his face. He stared at me as though I'd hit him (again). Allen just walked away.

I was in Transfiguration that morning and McGonagall talked to me just before I left. "Thomas, I can't have my students crying every moment of class. Keep your schoolmates' hearts in mind." That's when she stalked off to the Great Hall.

There was a new student in Gryfinndor. Her name was Devyn Wright. Her parents shipped her to Britian because there's no wizarding academy in America. She's all the way from California. She's tall, blonde, and tanned. Devyn loves to surf. She makes Magnolia look tame though.

I was walking to Qudditch practice with Ly the other day. " Hey, don't look down, you might not see your toes," she jeered. "SHUT UP,YOU JERK!" I yelled. Nobody teases me about my weight- I'm perfectly skinny. Devyn, infuriated, grabbed my broomstick and held a hand on each end. " Try me. I will." she said threateningly. She started to bend it and - CRACK! I punched her. I was grateful that no teachers were out, that Lysander wouldn't hold me back, until- I hit the ground. I thought I was dead. Devyn's leg came out of nowhere and hit the side of my head. Blood was plusating in my head. "Scamander, don't get any help, please, I'll take care of this," was all I could hear. I knew McGonagall was kneeling next to me. That's when I passed out.

I woke up in a hospital bed with Lysander at my side. "Ly?" I whispered. "Leah!" He leaned over and kissed me. "How long have I been out?" "About three days. Devyn's been banned from all Hogsmeade visits, though," he said. Just then my parents came in. My mother hugged me, then hugged Lysander. My father came and told me that they were so worried. Next time that jerk wanted a fight, I'd be ready. With more this time.