The next day was a Hogsmeade visit. Liberty and I went to Honeydukes and bought 15 Chocolate Frogs each. We're going to need to gain five pounds if we want to fit into our robes. We're going to slip some Cockroach Clusters into Devyn's soup at lunch. How she'll scream! On top of that, we ate all the Chocolate Frogs we could carry. Then we walked to the Shrieking Shack. We stopped inside Zonko's Joke Shop and Lorcan and Lysander bought Dungbombs,Nose-Biting Teacups, and Hiccough Sweets. We came back to Hogwarts with flushed cheeks. An edgy Devyn was waiting at the gates. She tried to trip me. So I said, "Do you think you could trade me a Chocolate Frog Card? Oh, wait, you don't have one!" She was infuriated and probably would have beat me up then and there, but Professor McGonagall was escorting us inside just three feet away. It was the best day ever!

Until I almost got my head ripped off by Nightstar, my parent's owl. The letter was even more depressing. In December, I would have a baby brother. Great. Do I look like I need another problem in this world? Especially a slobbering,wailing,messy one. Liberty, however, didn't see my point of view.

"You're going to have a brother? That's great! I hope they name him Ashton, you're always saying there's lots of ash trees around your house. This is great! Maybe I could babysit one day!" she said.

See what I mean?