(This was typed before I wrote the ending to chapter two. Leah's in real trouble right now.)

My hands are shaking. I'm hiding in the Gryfinndor common room, knowing that if Magnolia catches me reading her diary I'll be dead- she's talented in the Dark Arts. Here is the first entry- Dear Diary,

It is my first year here, and I will fill you in on the past eleven years of my life. I was born one sunny day in August. Only two years and three babies later,my brother was born.

The next day, my father died.

After that, Mother went insane. She was unable to care for Carlyle, Ruby, Alice, Emily, and me. I had half a mind to call Children's Aid, but I knew if I did Mother would die. So after two weeks of preparation, I knocked on the door of an orphanage and left the four of them there. I ran away after calling the paramedics on my mother. The found her drunk on the floor, and after that, I lived on the street.

I had lived there in an alleyway until one day, a tawny owl flew and landed on my lap, carrying the letter I'd waited for three years for.

It said:

Ms. Magnolia Crescent Dark Alleyway Surrey, England

I was free.

Magnolia Crescent, Hogwarts, First Year

So that's why she's mean to everyone. She lived in an alleyway and cared for four children and her drunk mother.

WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? Oh man, she's coming!