The next day was different. I felt cold on the inside, so very cold. I wasn't happy, even though we worked on Cheering Charms in Charms. Nobody else felt this way, So I new something was wrong. But breakfast was where it started.

I was staring at Allen, thinking hard about when he was going to turn around and look at me. I turned and started to eat my food. Liberty, next to me, was staring at me. She said I looked pale. All I remember was hunger, absolute hunger, for blood. But not just any blood. Liberty's blood. I bit her on the wrist and fire shot through me. I was alive again. I felt great, but part of me was saying, draw back, don't drink it anymore, you'll kill her... I was stupified by Professor McGonagall. I was then carried to the hospital wing, only half-conscious, while Liberty was on a separate stretcher. I awoke the next morning to find Liberty, her long black hair spread around her and her mother whispering to her softly. I was pondering something I knew since I was little, but kept in in the back of my head.

"Stella, should we tell the twins? You know this will effect them in the future, they might hurt somebody!"

"Nick, they're too young to know and care, let their hearts be free. They shouldn't know, but with vampire grandparents, well... "

My parents' discussion from when I was five about my vampire ancestors was the second most earth-shaking thing I'd ever heard.

So that was what had injured Liberty, my grandparents controlling me from beyond the grave. Or had I done this myself? I refused to think of the answer. Yet a lack of blood might have driven me. But why would I attack my best friend? This thought brought tears to my eyes as I bit myself on the wrist. I was wrong, but in my mind, I knew I deserved it. I wanted my blood gone. I would have died in fifteen minutes, but Madam Pomfrey caught me five minutes to death.

Would Lysander ever love me again? Would Liberty? Was I what I feared the most..... a monster?