Soon after the incident with my fangs and Liberty's wrist, people were looking at me with frightened eyes, and Devyn and Magnolia no longer bothered me. But I healed up in time for a dance at Hogwarts.I sent my mother an owl and she faithfully came to my recue with a gorgeous purple strapless dress and shoes.

Liberty forgave me eventually, saying she'd known all along.When I asked how, she said that my teeth were the sharpest she'd ever seen.I'd been pale, with dark circles under my eyes. Life was great but `still....

I was still hating myself. I'd infected my best friend. I knew that if Lysander and I had kids, I would pass my condition onto a sweet child. I didn't want that. It was winter, long and cold, and many snowball fights occurred. I held Ly's hand the day we broke up. This is what he said- "I can't go out with you anymore. I'm afraid you might bite me, I can't love somebody I'm scared of." Well that's great.

I am no longer young, and the years will go by.... and I shall wait for them, as I will wait for Lysander. I realized something- I would soon be going into my second year. New dangers, new studies, new friends. Things would be strange and disgusting, like gillyweed. I knew I would have to be careful- I was a danger to those around me. But the next day, we would be going home on the Hogwarts Express. I was happy.

I was alive.