Biography of Ada Isabel Thomas

Ada Isabel Thomas is the Muggle sister of Leah Thomas and the daughter of Stella and Nicholas Thomas. Though her sister is a half-blood witch, she is a Muggle. The reason is because her mother was pregnant with Ada and Leah when she married Nicholas. Their real father was a Muggle and their mother was Muggle- born, but only Leah inherited her mother's witch-blood. Crazy. Ada was diagnosed with leukemia at age five and battled the disease for six years, until her death on September 1, 1999.

Psychical Appearance Leah and Ada look very much alike. the only difference is that Ada has a freckle on her chin and she is bald. She loved smiling.

Rest in Peace,Ada.

Ada's sister never did get over the loss of her sister completely, and Leah named her first child after Ada.